7 ways to fight health inequities

[ Spring 2008 ]


Premature death is more than three times more likely to occur in those at the bottom income levels of American society. Even middle-income Americans are more than twice as likely to die earlier than top earners.

The reasons are wide-ranging: economics, race, genetics, gaps in health care access, and social conditions ranging from inadequate housing, discrimination, environmental exposures, education, and the stresses of living in poverty or as a newly arrived immigrant all play a role.

Seven HSPH faculty members suggest ways the next U.S. President can level the playing field for all Americans.

Read text and watch video discussions with each faculty member.

acevedoExtend a safety net to deserving immigrant families.


Join the global fight against tobacco


kawachiEncourage investments in long-term health


jhaDesegregate our health care system

shonkoffPut research on early childhood development into action.


prothrowstithSupport a Health Rights movement


kriegerChampion social and economic equality