Training China’s public health leaders

AGENTS OF CHANGE Participants in the China Senior Health Executive Training Program (including Ge LiJun, deputy director general of the Ministry of Health’s Department of International Cooperation, above left) were eager to share their views on the United States health care system through a translator last November, expressing surprise at the country’s stark health inequities and great interest in the way health services are priced. Dong Degang, deputy director general of the Liaoning Provincial Health Department, said he came away with “meaningful lessons” for health care reform that will help him shape policies on behalf of more than 42 million residents of his province.

Jinguo He is deputy director general in the Ministry of Health’s Department of Planning and Finance. He said that practical tools taught at HSPH were beneficial for trainees at all levels of government, whether rural or urban. “Each of us has found our problem, our future direction,” he said. “When we go back, we will be able to push for health care reform.”

Above at right are participants from the July, 2008 training program.