Harvard Public Health: Fall 2010

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Rebuilding shattered lives

When an earthquake struck in Chile, HSPH alum Karen Anderson and the community health group she founded were the first on the scene—and they’re still there.

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Dean’s message: From genes to the globe

HSPH is helping propel the study of how genes and environmental forces interact to cause disease—from diabetes to asthma to the afflictions of aging.

Where DNA meets daily life

The dance between genes and environment is the focus of a burgeoning field of public health research—one that could someday have a big payoff.

Public housing, private vice

Anti-smoking advocates are training their sights on private spaces in public buildings.

Idjwi island: Oasis of change

On Africa’s long-forsaken Idjwi island, HSPH students are building a health care system from the ground up.