Harvard Public Health: Fall 2015

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The aging game: The perils and promises of an aging society

In the coming decades, there will be more people older than 65 than under 5. Experts from the Harvard Chan School offer their thoughts on what lies ahead.

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Dean’s message: Maintaining the momentum.

As he begins his new role as acting dean, David Hunter reflects on the “moving force” at the School and in public health.

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Quick updates about public health news from the Fall 2015 issue of Harvard Public Health.

Two Harvard Chan faculty receive prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigatorships

Researchers Tobias Walther and Pardis Sabeti were named HHMI investigators in May by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute—a prestigious five-year appointment covering salary, benefits, and research budget.

Off The Cuff: It’s the data first, hypotheses second

Xihong Lin develops statistical and computational methods to analyze the flood of information now available from the human genome, the environment, and the clinic. Her work has been applied to a wide range of chronic conditions, from lung cancer to neurodevelopment to sleep apnea.

Meet the Acting Dean

David Hunter, Dean for Academic Affairs at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health since 2009 and Vincent L. Gregory Professor in Cancer Prevention, has been named acting dean of the faculty for the School.

Philanthropic Impact

Q&A: Poverty, political unrest—and global warming—encourage Chagas’ disease spread

Poverty, political unrest—and global warming—encourage the spread of Chagas’ disease.

Shining a light on neglect

Ellen Agler, MPH ’04, wants the world to stop turning a blind eye to five devastating—and easily prevented—diseases of poverty.

Toe to toe

In the groundbreaking new course, students at the Harvard Chan School and Harvard Business School square off against each other over corporate regulation—and find common ground.

Building safer construction sites

Emily Sparer SD ’15, created a novel program that can protect construction workers from the perils of their trade.

Harvard Chan School responds to earthquake in Nepal

A student group keeps the spotlight on Nepal’s continuing crisis.

Commencement 2015

“You are not just creating a résumé. You are creating a biography,” Dean Julio Frenk told graduates on May 28 at the School’s 2015 commencement ceremony.

Portrait of T.H. Chan Unveiled during Commencement Week

When the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health kicked off the celebration of the first Commencement under its new name this past spring, the opening event of the two days of festivities was the unveiling of a portrait of T.H. Chan.

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