HSPH students study health reform in China

JOURNEY OF 17,000 MILES Watching the earthquake-ravaged Sichuan region’s public health system rebuild is now an integral part of HSPH’s Field Study on Health Systems Reforms, an annual three-week course that is led each January by Yuanli Liu (with a survivor, above). Consistently oversubscribed, this crash course introduces students (at right) to health systems analysis as they travel from China’s rural clinics to its high-tech hospitals and the halls of the health ministry.

spr09chinastephLRGSEISMIC SHOCK Stephanie Giannetto (left, with a mother and her infant in Sichuan), a candidate for the MS degree in Health Policy and Management, was deeply moved by the group’s visit to the earthquake zone. The class donated about 3,000 yuan-the average local citizen’s yearly salary-to a Red Cross college fund for high schoolers whose parents were forced to use college savings to rebuild their homes.