Harvard Public Health: Spring/Summer 2012

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The art of getting things done

Vermont’s single-payer health care plan is just the latest of Bill Hsiao’s many public health reforms.

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Quick updates about public health news from the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Harvard Public Health.

The promise of big data

Raw information could provide clues for everything from preventing TB to shrinking health care costs.

Can doing good be done better?

Three humanitarian aid professionals at HSPH discuss the field.

Finding her true path

In the middle of a high-flying business career, Kate Powis reversed course and chose a life in public health.

Accentuating the positive

HSPH student Rob Buelow wants to accentuate the benefits of healthy living to promote public health.

Dean’s message: Singular vision

Even with public health’s deep-rooted interest in the common good, it often takes visionary individuals to pave the way to scientific breakthroughs and policy reform.

Philanthropic impact: The power of one


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