Harvard Public Health: Winter 2010

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Can cost-effective health Care = better health care?
Experts agree that curbing costs is essential to effective health care reform in the United States if we are ever to provide medical treatment for everyone who needs it. But how to cut costs while maintaining high quality? In this special report, the Review talks to Harvard School of Public Health researchers to examine how U.S. health care can cover more people by more rationally using resources—but without health care rationing.

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Dean’s message: H1N1 and comprehensive health security
The H1N1 pandemic has had a profound impact on global security.

Plastics: Danger where we least expect it
Should we avoid the plastic water bottles, food cans, and myriad other products in our daily lives that contain BPA?

Bridging a cultural divide
Are better tools needed to identify emotional distress in non-Western refugees?