Harvard Public Health: Winter 2011

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Happiness & health

The biology of emotion—and what it may teach us about helping people to live longer

Do happier people live longer—and, if so, why? This is the kind of question that HSPH researchers are asking as they explore a new—and sometimes controversial—avenue of public health: documenting and understanding the link between positive emotions and good health.

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Dean’s message: The multiplying effect

“Philanthropy” comes to us from the ancient Greek word “philanthropos,” which means “loving humankind.” All the work we do—from research to education to policy translation—has that value at its core.

Shrinking the effects of the obesity epidemic

If we can’t stop Americans from getting heavier, can we at least develop drugs that prevent them from getting sick with obesity-related diseases?

From pond to pump

HSPH student Ramon Sanchez sees the future of energy production—and cleaner, healthier skies—in tiny green algae.

The Forum at Harvard School of Public Health

School sets stage for global conversation with state-of-the-art webcasts.

Alumni award winners: What we know now

We asked this year’s winners: What do you know now about improving the public’s health that you didn’t when you started out in your career?

Alumni weekend 2010

Shattuck International House: Nurturing an extended family


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