Harvard Public Health: Winter 2012

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Mobilizing a revolution

A growing movement at HSPH and within the global health community is working to leverage the explosion in mobile phone availability—and the data cellphones can share and produce—to change how public health and medical problems are identified, prevented, and treated.

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Dean’s message: The quest for innovation

From the germ theory of disease to genetic epidemiology, public health revolutions have always sprung from inventive ideas fueled by moral urgency.


Quick updates about public health news from the Winter 2012 of Harvard Public Health.

New awards honor trailblazers in public health

HSPH awarded three new alumni awards in 2011.

2011 Alumni Award of Merit winners

This year’s winners worked at Bellevue Hospital, tended earthquake victims in Haiti, researched anemia on a Navajo reservation, and inspired students in Argentina.

HSPH student helps Mass. Department of Public Health analyze raw milk distribution

The raw milk debate heats up as lawmakers consider loosening restrictions on its sale.

Hitting the lottery

Oregon’s experiment with Medicaid gives HSPH economist Katherine Baicker a rare chance to analyze effects of extended coverage.

Philanthropic impact


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