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‘Reinsurance’ program critical to shoring up the ACA

August 14, 2017 – With Republican efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) stalled, one of the ideas being floated to help shore up health insurance marketplaces is to bring back a federal reinsurance program, similar…

Navigating the Affordable Care Act

Open enrollment for people buying insurance through the Affordable Care Act begins November 1, 2016 and runs through January 31, 2017. Katherine Swartz shared her advice for those shopping for insurance.

A guide to Obamacare

In this week’s episode: A health care expert offers her advice for people buying insurance through Obamacare.

A timely strategy for improving health insurance signups

Shifting the open enrollment period for health insurance signups could boost enrollments and may help people make better health plan choices, according to a new study. The next open enrollment period for the health insurance marketplaces established by…

Health care reform undoing ‘job lock’

The Affordable Care Act is providing a cure for the phenomenon known as “job lock” — when a worker stays in a position solely for employer-sponsored health insurance. That’s according to Katherine Swartz, professor of health policy and…