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Study: Volunteering is good for your health

Older adults who volunteer for as little as two hours per week can substantially lower their risk of early death, become more physically active, and improve their sense of well-being compared with those who don’t volunteer, according to…

Getting to know… Dongzhengyang "Ray" An, SM ’20

Biostatistics student Dongzhengyang "Ray" An discussed his path from China to Harvard Chan School, the draw of causal inference and machine learning, and how the pandemic has helped him reconnect with family and friends.

Human flourishing and public health

In this week’s episode we explore what it means for people to flourish, how we can measure it, and ways to help reach a state where all aspects of their life are good.

What makes us truly happy and healthy?

Multi-year Harvard research collaboration with Aetna will assess well-being across numerous dimensions of health and wholeness For immediate release: April 3, 2018 Boston, MA – What does it mean to be well? Not just “not ill,” but really…