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Emergency docs discuss takeaways from climate summit

Three emergency room physicians spoke about progress made in addressing the climate crisis at the recent UN climate summit in Egypt (COP27)—as well as the significant challenges that remain—at a November 22 panel discussion.

Better Off: Home

What makes a healthy home?   In 2022, that question feels more important than ever. What are the right foods to eat? The least-toxic shampoos and sunscreens? The best way to prevent loneliness while working from home? On Season…

The case for climate optimism

Amid the gloom and doom that typically shape news and discussions about climate change, a growing number of thought leaders are focusing instead on the positive efforts that are underway in the fight against global warming.

Learning COVID-19’s lessons to prepare for the future

A new Lancet Commission report offers detailed policy recommendations aimed at reducing the dangers of COVID-19, forestalling the next pandemic, and enabling the world to proceed with goals of sustainable development, human rights, and peace.