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A better antibiotic for tuberculosis treatment

PhD candidate Harim Won is developing a new type of antibiotic to address long-standing issues of lengthy treatments and drug resistance, using a new approach to turn a normal protein system in the bacterial cell against itself.

Threat of antibiotic resistance looms large

While COVID-19 has garnered significant attention from the public and media, antibiotic resistance is a slow-moving threat to global health that is often overlooked even though the World Health Organization estimates that antibiotic-resistant infections could kill as many…

Climate in the clinic

Physicians, health leaders discuss how to address the health impacts of climate change February 19, 2020 – Climate change—and how it affects health—should be front and center for doctors, health care workers, and hospitals. That was the key…

Nonprescription antibiotic use a cause for concern

Some people in the U.S. are using antibiotics without a prescription, a trend that could increase the threat of drug resistance, according to new research. The study defined nonprescription antibiotic use as obtaining, storing, taking or intending to…

Q&A: Pandemic Unpreparedness

The world must better prepare for the next inevitable microbial threat, whether expanding drug resistance, a new strain of influenza, or another infection like AIDS, Ebola, Zika, or SARS.