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Optimism linked with lower risk of high blood pressure

People who had the highest levels of optimism—the tendency to believe good events are likely and bad events are unlikely—had a 22% lower risk of developing hypertension than those with the lowest levels of optimism, according to a…

Study: Volunteering is good for your health

Older adults who volunteer for as little as two hours per week can substantially lower their risk of early death, become more physically active, and improve their sense of well-being compared with those who don’t volunteer, according to…

Social media use can be positive for mental health and well-being

A new study assessed the association of two dimensions of social media use—how much it’s routinely used and how emotionally connected users are to the platforms—with three health-related outcomes: social well-being, positive mental health, and self-rated health.

Human flourishing and public health

In this week’s episode we explore what it means for people to flourish, how we can measure it, and ways to help reach a state where all aspects of their life are good.

The meaning of happiness

Researchers, policy makers, and public health practitioners recently gathered at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Health to explore ways that happiness is promoted through evidence-based practice and policy across the globe.

‘Training’ your mind to improve well-being

November 6, 2018 – Richard Davidson believes that we all have the ability to cultivate our own well-being—that there are ways to “train” our brains to improve both mental and physical health. Davidson, founder and director of the Center…