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The problem with Medicaid ‘unwinding’

As of late June, more than 1.5 million enrollees in Medicaid—the program that provides health insurance to low-income Americans—have been disenrolled from the program, due to a change in federal policy that went into effect April 1. Harvard…

Viewpoint: How to protect workers in the next pandemic

In preparation for the next public health emergency, lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic should be used to inform new federal, state, and local laws and standards, as well as actions by employers, aimed at ensuring safe, healthy…

Called to serve

Anesthesiologist Jesse Ehrenfeld, MPH ’09, is ready to lead renovations to the “House of Medicine” as the American Medical Association’s new president.

Boosting the nursing ranks

Trissa Lyman, MPH ’23, has found nursing extremely rewarding. She’s passionate about bringing more people into the field.