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Experts debrief on COP28 climate and health takeaways

Members of the Harvard community who attended COP28—the two-week international climate summit held in late 2023 in Dubai—gathered January 30 to discuss key takeaways, lessons learned, and next steps in the climate and health arena.

Investing in climate resilience benefits people, planet

Extreme weather events caused by climate change are costing trillions of dollars in damages, but making investments to boost climate resilience would both save money in the long run and protect people’s health, said Harvard Chan School’s Kari…

How trees can improve climate, health, mood, and more

Trees provide a host of benefits, according to experts—they can combat extreme heat, expand access to nature, reduce people’s stress and blood pressure levels, promote physical activity, improve and foster community pride.

What to do if heat makes you feel sick

Getting in the shade, drinking liquids, and placing a cold, wet towel or wet napkins on your neck are three things you can do if extreme heat starts making you feel sick, according to Harvard Chan School’s Catharina…

Why we can be optimistic about climate change

Even though we’re inundated with news about scary climate disasters—from wildfires to extreme heat to flooding—we can stay optimistic about the climate’s future “because we know how to prevent things from getting worse,” according to Harvard Chan School’s…