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Thousands of Bahamians seek shelter in wake of Dorian

Roughly 70,000 people have been left homeless in the Bahamas after Dorian, a Category 5 hurricane, stalled over the island for days. Some are calling for the U.S. to take in people in desperate need of shelter, food,…

Shedding light on migration issues

The world doesn’t have a migration problem, but rather a “hospitality” problem, according to Jacqueline Bhabha of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. In a wide-ranging September 24, 2018 interview with WhoWhatWhy, Bhabha, director of research at…

Can we solve the migration crisis?

Every minute 24 people around the world are forced to leave their homes—and it’s estimated that more than 65 million people are currently displaced.

Privacy as a human right

Amid the growing scandal over Facebook’s use of personal information, this week's podcast examines how the humanitarian field is grappling with ever-changing technology and increasing reliance on data and personal information.

Expanding services for Syrian refugees

Once emergencies have passed, social enterprise can help fill the funding gap in refugee service delivery between donor-funded humanitarian agencies and host countries.