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The Age of Trauma

A global pandemic. Horrific acts of police violence. Political upheaval. The climate crisis.The opioid epidemic. With sources of stress piling up and intersecting in new ways, a growing number of mental health experts are looking to root-cause solutions.

The health benefits of trees

A growing body of research shows that regularly spending time around trees provides a wide range of human health benefits, from lowering stress to improving cognition to boosting longevity.

Questioning office reopenings as Delta surges

Businesses should consider further delaying office reopenings given the surge of the Delta variant of the coronavirus, both to protect public health and to improve employees’ psychological well-being, according to experts quoted in recent news reports.

We’re better off when we age with resilience

During the earliest days of the pandemic, younger people were told to protect the older adults in their lives from COVID-19 by isolating at home. Concerns about the virus and pandemic restrictions have taken a toll on everyone's…