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Public health history course holds lessons for today

A new course at Harvard Chan School focuses on the history of public health, highlighting longstanding issues such as vaccine hesitancy, how life expectancy has been measured and used, tensions in the relationship between the fields of public…

The importance of studying treatments in pregnant people

At the 16th Kolokotrones Symposium, experts discussed the importance of including pregnant people when testing vaccines and drugs, the challenges of collecting data for that population, and research methods that could help fill the data gap.

More seasonal sickness likely in years to come, say experts

With COVID now added to the annual mix of viruses that typically circulate every year, including influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and other respiratory viruses, “sick season” is likely to be worse—and longer—going forward.

Opinion: Prioritizing childhood vaccination in North Korea

As North Korea reopens its international borders after two years of near-total closure, ensuring that children there get access to life-saving vaccines should be a public health priority, according to Hyung Joon Kim, a DrPH student at Harvard…

Op-ed: Wastewater testing can help fight flu and RSV

Monitoring wastewater for signs of the influenza virus and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) could help public officials better respond to upcoming surges this fall and winter, according to Harvard Chan School's Bill Hanage.

A powerful methodology to guide health decision-making

Launched in 2021, CAUSALab brings together 14 epidemiology faculty members across multiple universities to collaborate on applying causal inference methods to compare the effectiveness and safety of health and policy interventions in a broad range of areas.