Major Areas of Research Focus

1. Epidemiologic studies of biological, behavioral (e.g., diet and lifestyle factors), social, environmental and policy factors and risk of excess weight gain and obesity in large population surveys and cohort studies

2. Epidemiologic studies of health and societal consequences of obesity including major morbidities (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc), mortality, quality of life, and economic outcomes

3. Epidemiologic studies of genetic susceptibility of obesity, gene-environment interactions, and epigenetic influence on obesity

4. Randomized controlled clinical trials of varying dietary compositions and physical activity patterns on weight loss and weight maintenance

5. Obesity prevention interventions in schools, health care systems, work sites and communities, including interventions with social, behavioral, environmental and/or policy focus.  We engage in participatory research with community partners in developing interventions and conducting evaluations.  

6. Public policy research for improving physical and social environments that promote healthy eating and increasing physical activity

7. Obesity epidemiology and prevention research in developing countries such as China and India, middle income countries as well as industrialized economies