Antonella Zanobetti
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Antonella Zanobetti

Principal Research Scientist

Environmental Health


The area of my research interest focuses on the health consequences of exposure to air pollutants and climate change, and environmental health disparities.
My research interests are shaped by my background and training in both epidemiology and statistics, by developing and applying statistical methods for epidemiological investigations. My work has contributed substantially to our understanding of air pollution and climate change-mediated health impacts.
My research is focused on four main topics: (1) the impact of air pollution on mortality and morbidity in adults focusing on cardiovascular disease, and neurological disorders; (2) the assessment of the health consequences of extreme temperatures and other weather parameters on mortality and morbidity, (3) the characterization of susceptibility, vulnerability, and environmental health disparities; and (4) children’s health. In so doing, my work leverages administrative health data, cohort data, sociodemographic and environmental data.

PhD, 01/1999, Applied Statistics
University of Florence, Florence, Italy

MS, 06/1993, Statistics
University of Florence, Florence, Italy

Top Italian Scientist in Biomedical Science2020
Top Italian Scientists (TIS)

Recognized as one of the most highly cited (top 1%) researchers2015-2021
Web of Science by Clarivate


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