Gaurab Basu
Secondary Faculty

Gaurab Basu

Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Health

Environmental Health

Other Positions

Assistant Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine

Global Health and Social Medicine

Harvard Medical School

Assistant Professor of Medicine

;Medicine-Beth Israel Deaconess

Harvard Medical School

Chair, Climate Change and Health Issues

Program in Medical Education

Harvard Medical School



Experts debrief on COP28 climate and health takeaways

Members of the Harvard community who attended COP28—the two-week international climate summit held in late 2023 in Dubai—gathered January 30 to discuss key takeaways, lessons learned, and next steps in the climate and health arena.

Shining a light on the human toll of climate change

Experts from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health are bringing an important message to the United Nations’ annual climate conference this year: that the continued burning of fossil fuels poses a massive health threat.