James M. Robins
Primary Faculty

James M. Robins

Mitchell L. and Robin LaFoley Dong Professor of Epidemiology



Other Positions

Faculty Affiliate in the Department of Biostatistics


Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health



Getting to know… Dongzhengyang "Ray" An, SM ’20

Biostatistics student Dongzhengyang "Ray" An discussed his path from China to Harvard Chan School, the draw of causal inference and machine learning, and how the pandemic has helped him reconnect with family and friends.

James Robins receives Nathan Mantel Lifetime Achievement Award

August 13, 2013 -- James Robins, whose work at the intersection of statistical science and epidemiology aims to estimate causal effects of exposures or drug treatments—as opposed to just associations—has received the 2013 Nathan Mantel Lifetime Achievement Award in…