Department of Epidemiology

Welcome to the Department of Epidemiology

We study the frequency, distribution, and determinants of disease in humans, a fundamental science of public health. In addition to pursuing groundbreaking global research initiatives, we educate and prepare future medical leaders and practitioners as part of our mission to ignite positive changes in the quality of health across the world.

The Department of Epidemiology has a long tradition of teaching and research in the epidemiology of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic diseases, as well as in epidemiologic methodology. The department is innovative, collaborative and continuously celebrates a commitment to ignite positive changes in the world of public health.

Feature Articles

50 Years Ago: Q&A with Alumnus Peter Greenwald

October 2, 2023—Peter Greenwald ’73, MD, DrPH, distinguished former director of the National Cancer Institute’s Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, answers questions about his time as a graduate student and offers advice to current students.

New Faculty Q&A: Jeffrey Eaton

April 1, 2023 - We are excited to welcome Jeffrey Eaton as Associate Professor of Epidemiology. Learn more about Eaton in the following Q&A.

New Faculty Q&A: Kjetil Bjornevik

January 1, 2023 – We are delighted to welcome Kjetil Bjornevik as Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition at the start of this new year. Learn more about Bjornevik in the following Q&A.

New Faculty Q&A: Yuan Ma

January 1, 2023 – We are thrilled to welcome Yuan Ma as Assistant Professor of Epidemiology. Ma was previously a postdoctoral research fellow in our department.

New Faculty Q&A: Barbra Dickerman

June 1, 2022 – We are thrilled to welcome Barbra Dickerman as Assistant Professor of Global Cancer Prevention in the Department of Epidemiology affiliated with the Zhu Family Center for Global Cancer Prevention.

Postdoc Spotlight: Mary Wesley

July 7, 2021—Mary Wesley is a teaching fellow in the Department of Epidemiology and a graduate of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Learn how she supports the Delta Scholars Program in this Q&A.