Recent Dissertations

Doctors of Science – Epidemiology

Chi Gao, “Polygenic score to understand cancer etiology and predict cancer risks”

Derek MacFadden, “Evaluating Approaches with the Potential to Improve Health Outcomes While Reducing Unnecessary Interventions in Infectious Disease Public Health”

Hari Iyer, “Neighborhood Greenness and Prostate Cancer: Association and Explanation in Diverse Populations”

Gyeyoon Yim, “Women’s Exposures Around Pregnancy and Health in the Third Generation”

Katrina Mott, “Safety and Effectiveness of Vaccines in Pregnancy”

Ruoran Li, “Understanding epidemiologic risks for infectious disease control”

Min-Jung Wang, “Elucidating the Role of Vitamin D in Depression.”


Doctors of Philosophy – Population Health Sciences Epidemiology

David Cote, “Etiology of Glioma & Glioblastoma”

Jenny Sun, “Medication Use and Safety in the Pediatric Population:Real-World Evidence from Healthcare Databases”

Krystal Cantos, “Safety and Effectiveness of Vaccines in Pregnancy”

Susanna Mitro, “PFAS Exposure and Cardiometabolic Health in U.S. Women”

Tian-Shin Yeh, “Long-Term Dietary Intake and Subjective Cognitive Decline”