Master of Science 42.5 Credit | Academic Year

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The 42.5 credit SM is typically completed over Fall and Spring semesters of one academic year and is designed for applicants with a medical degree or master’s-level background in relevant disciplines (e.g., biology, chemistry, genetics, physiology, bioengineering, and related social and computational sciences). Some students begin the program by also completing one of the Summer programs in Clinical Effectiveness or Public Health Studies.

Questions regarding this program can be directed to either our Faculty Director, Pamela Rist ( or our program administrator Jeffrey Noyes (

Course Requirement
(2.5 credits = 1/2 term course or ~7-8 weeks, 5 credits =full semester or ~15-16 weeks)
Epi 201 Introduction to Epidemiology (2.5 cr)
Epi 202 Elements of Epidemiologic Research (2.5 cr)
Epi 203 Study Design in Epidemiological Research (2.5 cr)
Epi 204 Analysis of Case-Control and Cohort Studies (2.5 cr)
Bst 201 Introduction to Statistical Methods (5 cr)
Bst 210
OR 213
Analysis of Rates and Proportions(5 cr) OR
Applies Regression for Clinical Research (5 cr)

Course Requirements

  • 42.5 total credits earned
  • 30/42.5 credits are ordinal
  • 10/30 Ordinal credits must be in Epidemiology
  • 10/30 Ordinal credits must be in Biostatistics

**All core courses listed above must be taken for ordinal grading**