Curriculum Introduction

Each Summer Term is comprised of two sessions that run for 6 weeks each:

The Master of Science 42.5 Credit Summer Only Degree Program can start with two separate paths. The path you pick will determine your program schedule (please see course schedules below):

1. Program in Clinical Effectiveness (PCE) : Information to Apply to Clinical Effectiveness
2. Summer Session in Public Health: Information to Apply to Public Health Session

Curriculum Overviews & Course Guides

Program in Clinical Effectiveness Course Guide

Summer Session in Public Health Course Guide

Considerations for Electives

  • Summer Only Students may take Winter Session Courses on Campus. International students who wish to take courses during the Winter Session MUST contact Eric DiGiovanni ( & the Harvard International Office to ensure enrollment does not impact Student Visa status.
  • Summer Only Students are allowed to take up to 6.5 online credits per term and a max of 11.25 credits for the entire degree program. Online courses are part of the MPH in Epidemiology Program. Students in the MPH program have priority for enrollment, but online courses are also available to Summer Only Students if space permits.