Harvey V. Fineberg Cancer Prevention Fellowship

The Fineberg Fellowship was created to honor Harvey V. Fineberg, the former Dean at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and Provost of Harvard University. It is a competitive, honorific award that will be given to Ph.D. in Population Health Science (PHS) students who are undertaking a dissertation related to cancer prevention and control. The research may include studies in etiologic research, health services, survivorship, behavioral research, or a related field.

Fellowship details

Eligibility: Any Harvard University PHS Student in Epidemiology or Social Behavioral Sciences who has successfully completed their PQEII exam is eligible to apply.

Award: *This is a one-year award, with the possibility of renewal for additional years. The Fellowship is not restricted to US Citizens. This award does not jeopardize eligibility status for NIH T32, F31, or F30 fellowship awards.

Recipients: Students who receive the award will be named “Fineberg Fellows”, and the award will be applied to the school’s commitment to the student’s stipend and fees during the dissertation process. The Fineberg Fellows will benefit from being part of the cancer community and will participate in an annual symposium to share their research.

Application Timeline: All materials must be submitted to Caroline Huntington (chunting@hsph.harvard.edu) on or before February 15, 2024. Drs. Lorelei Mucci and Karen Emmons will review the applications and notify the recipient before March 15, 2024.


Harvey V. Fineberg Fellowship Application

*It is anticipated that each year there will be recipients in both departments.