Secondary Faculty

Jeffrey Drazen

Professor in the Department of Environmental Health

Environmental Health

Other Positions

Parker B. Francis Distinguished Professor of Medicine

Medicine-Brigham and Women's Hospital

Harvard Medical School


To do no harm - and the most good - with AI in health care.

Goldberg CB, Adams L, Blumenthal D, Brennan PF, Brown N, Butte AJ, Cheatham M, deBronkart D, Dixon J, Drazen J, Evans BJ, Hoffman SM, Holmes C, Lee P, Manrai AK, Omenn GS, Perlin JB, Ramoni R, Sapiro G, Sarkar R, Sood H, Vayena E, Kohane IS.

Nat Med. 2024 Mar. 30(3):623-627. PMID: 38388841


No traffic jams in asthmatic cells

Finding offers insight into mechanisms of asthma, other diseases August 11, 2015 -- An unexpected new discovery—that, in people with asthma, the cells that line the airways in the lungs are unusually shaped and “scramble around like there’s…