Joseph G. Allen
Associate Professor

Joseph G. Allen

Associate Professor of Exposure Assessment Science

Environmental Health


BS, Biology
Boston College

MPH, Environmental Health
Boston University School of Public Health

DSc, Exposure Assessment, Environmental Epidemiology, Biostatistics
Boston University School of Public Health

Commissioner, The Lancet COVID-19 Commission
The Lancet

Chair, The Lancet COVID-19 Commission Task Force on Safe Work, Safe Schools, and Safe Travel
The Lancet


A paradigm shift to combat indoor respiratory infection.

Morawska L, Allen J, Bahnfleth W, Bluyssen PM, Boerstra A, Buonanno G, Cao J, Dancer SJ, Floto A, Franchimon F, Greenhalgh T, Haworth C, Hogeling J, Isaxon C, Jimenez JL, Kurnitski J, Li Y, Loomans M, Marks G, Marr LC, Mazzarella L, Melikov AK, Miller S, Milton DK, Nazaroff W, Nielsen PV, Noakes C, Peccia J, Prather K, Querol X, Sekhar C, Seppänen O, Tanabe SI, Tang JW, Tellier R, Tham KW, Wargocki P, Wierzbicka A, Yao M.

Science. 2021 May 14. 372(6543):689-691. PMID: 33986171


Calculating COVID-19 risk

A new COVID-19 risk calculator developed at Harvard Chan School can help people understand the ways that masking, ventilation, filtration, and other factors can mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in indoor environments.

How an open window can make a classroom safer from COVID-19

A New York Times simulation shows how proper ventilation and filtration in classrooms can make schools much safer from COVID-19 transmission. The visualization was created with input from healthy buildings expert Joseph Allen of Harvard Chan School.