Research Scientist

Kana Wu

Principal Research Scientist



As a trained physician, nutrition and cancer epidemiologist, and a longtime research member of three large cohorts, the Nurses' Health Study, Nurses' Health Study 2, and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study, my research activities focus on studying the relationship between diet, lifestyle, and risk of cancers. To illuminate insight into the complex pathways driving carcinogenesis, I am leading multidisciplinary projects integrating diet, lifestyle, and genetic risk factors with plasma and tumor tissue biomarkers. In another line of research, I examine the contribution of early life exposures and genetic susceptibility to the etiology of early onset cancers.


Association of Fusobacterium nucleatum with Specific T-cell Subsets in the Colorectal Carcinoma Microenvironment.

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Clin Cancer Res. 2021 Feb 25. PMID: 33632927