Adjunct Faculty

Lu Qi

Adjunct Professor of Nutrition




Does eating spicy foods have health benefits?

Spices like turmeric and foods like chili peppers have been touted in recent years for their perceived health benefits, but research about consumption of spicy things has been mixed. According to an April 6, 2020 article, while…

Long-term antibiotic use linked with CVD risk in women

Women’s risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) may increase if they use antibiotics for two months or more, according to a new study. Researchers looked at data on more than 36,000 women over seven years of follow-up. Compared with…

Examining epigenetics’ influence on obesity, cancer

In recent decades, researchers have been examining the role of epigenetics—the study of modifications in DNA that do not alter the DNA sequence itself but can lead to lifelong changes in gene activity—in the development of dozens of…