Active Research Projects

Burden of Disease and Deprivation in India across Micro and Macro Public Policy Units

The overarching goal of this project is to improve precision public policy, public financing, and governance in India related to population health and development by: (1) collating and analyzing key population health and development data that are geocoded to multiple micro and macro public policy units (namely Gram Panchayat (GP), Assembly Constituency (AC) and Parliamentary Constituency (PC)); (2) developing intelligent public data and analytics platform to disseminate the data and findings in an interactive way; (3) engaging with multiple stakeholders, including elected representatives, bureaucratic leaderships, citizen groups, policy advocacy groups and academics, to enhance knowledge translation and foster evidence-based policy discussion, formulation, and action. Learn more.

Novel Approaches for Investigating Treatment Heterogeneity: An Application to Head Start Impact Study

Interventions targeted towards health and well-being are typically assessed by quantifying average differences between groups on an outcome of interest. In the presence of considerable systematic heterogeneity within population between individuals, the practice of focusing exclusively on “Average Treatment Effect” (ATE) can be inefficient, wasteful, and raise legitimate concerns related to communicating scientific findings to the lay population in a meaningful manner. The researchers in this project will set out to develop a refined approach to quantifying health and well-being that incorporates individual heterogeneity into average assessments, potentially resulting in a more efficient and accurate way to assess the effectiveness of health-related interventions.