Religion and Public Health Seminar

The Religion and Public Health Seminar Series was funded by the Templeton Foundation and jointly sponsored by the Department of Epidemiology and the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the Harvard School of Public Health. The seminar series ran for three years from 2012-2014 and brought in leading scholars to present research on the interface between religion and public health.

Speakers included Ellen Idler (Emory University), Neal Krause (University of Michigan), Peter Van Ness (Yale University), Marc Musick (University of Texas at Austin), Harold Koenig (Duke University), Michael McCullough (University of Miami), Jennifer Allen (Tufts University), Everett Worthington (Virginia Commonwealth University), Tracy and Michael Balboni (Dana Farber Cancer Institute), and Kenneth Pargament (Bowling Green State University).

The seminar series is now part of a broader initiative at Harvard on Health, Religion and Spirituality. More information on the initiative and associated events can be found at the website:

Initiative on Health, Religion and Spirituality at Harvard University

The website also contains video links to prior events. A course on religion and public health research is offered at HSPH every second year as EPI 230 Religion and Public Health.