Initiative on Health, Spirituality, and Religion

The Initiative on Health, Spirituality, and Religion at Harvard University aims to integrate issues of religion and spirituality into both academic research and also medical and public health practice. The Initiative brings together faculty, clinicians, students, researchers, and clergy throughout Harvard University to contribute to and increase the understanding of the intersection between religion, spirituality, and health.

Tyler VanderWeele serves as Co-Director of the Initiative. A list of religion and public health research publications can be found here and selected media reporting on the research can be found here. More information on the initiative and associated events can be found at the website:

Initiative on Health, Spirituality, and Religion at Harvard University

At the Harvard T.H. School of Public Health the Initiative has sponsored a course on religion and public health that is offered at the school every second year as EPI 230 Religion, Well-being, and Public Health.


Selected Publications

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