Two gifts support work on checklists and global health systems

Winter 2012 ]

HSPH Associate Professor Atul Gawande’s research group recently received two generous gifts in support of the Health Systems Innovations Research Fund. Support from Mala Gaonkar, managing director of Lone Pine Capital LLC, and an anonymous donor will help Gawande and his colleagues develop clinical systems innovations with high public health impact and enduring value by reducing harm to patients and improving treatment results. Current projects include development and testing of the World Health Organization’s safe childbirth checklist for improving neonatal and maternal health; development of systems for improved end-of-life care; and investigation of methods for hospital management to improve patient care. Gawande’s team has also begun researching the patterns underlying effective and ineffective implementation of the WHO Safe Surgery Checklist. And Gawande is developing a surgical checklist program to reduce patient harm in the most common crisis situations in operating rooms and high-risk specialty surgery.

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