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Sodium intake in U.S.

Adam Bernstein, research fellow in the Department of Nutrition, discusses sodium intake in the U.S. adult population. December 10, 2010 (3:04) Please click the player…


Racial and ethnic inequalities

John McDonough, director of the Center for Public Health Leadership, discusses his recent op-ed in the The Baltimore Sun that said repealing last year’s health care reform law…


Comparative effectiveness

Milton Weinstein, Henry J. Kaiser Professor of Health Policy and Management, discusses comparative effectiveness research in health care. July 27, 2010 (8:01) Please click…


BPA exposure in pregnant women

Joseph Braun, research fellow in the Department of Environmental Health, discusses BPA exposure in pregnant women. November 3, 2010 (5:48) Please click the player icon…

Benjamin Sommers

Cutting health costs

Benjamin Sommers, Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Economics, discusses the necessity of cutting health costs and slowing the rate of health cost growth…

Dan Wikler

The global organ market

Daniel Wikler, Professor of Ethics and Population Health, on the market for kidneys: “In the past, the idea that the kidneys you’re born with…


Genetic profiling

David Hunter, Vincent L. Gregory Professor in Cancer Prevention and the Director of the Program in Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology, discusses the downsides of…


Health disparities

Nancy Krieger, Professor of Society, Human Development, and Health, on trends in health disparities. (March 2008, 6:46) Please click the player icon above to…


Rethinking HIV prevention

Daniel Halperin, Lecturer on International Health, on why HIV prevention strategies need a fresh look. (May 2008, 18:46) Please click the player icon above…

Michelle Mello

Health discrimination

Michelle Mello, Professor of Law and Public Health, on whether insurers and employers can discriminate against people on the basis of personal health behaviors.…