Lynn Ibekwe

Dr. Ibekwe’s primary research interest is in using health equity approaches to better understand social, cultural, economic, and environmental determinants of racial/ethnic cancer-related disparities and reducing those disparities through the development of culturally relevant interventions. She’s also interested in using implementation science frameworks and methods to accelerate and improve implementation of these interventions in real-world … Continue reading “Lynn Ibekwe”

Roman Johnson

Dr. Johnson’s research interests revolve around how neighborhoods structure cancer screening across race/ethnicity. Currently, Dr. Johnson is working on submitting cancer screening publications, researching risk-stratification in several cancer sites, and assisting Harvard researchers in developing a protocol for risk-stratification for prostate cancer in African-American men.

Aviva Musicus

Dr. Musicus collaborates with policymakers and advocates to investigate the effects of food-related environmental and policy changes on human health and behavior, with a specific focus on the effects of food labeling, messaging, and marketing. The goal of her research is to build rigorous scientific evidence for nutrition policies that can reduce cancer risk factors … Continue reading “Aviva Musicus”

Natalie Smith

Natalie’s main research interest is to promote the implementation of evidence-informed policies to prevent cancer and chronic disease. To that end, she pursues research geared towards (1) using decision support methods, mainly simulation modeling, to assess the comparative health and economic effects of public health policies, and (2) improving how researchers disseminate findings from simulation … Continue reading “Natalie Smith”