DACDI Full Committee

Eighteen DACDI ‘full committee’ members will be selected to proportionally represent the School’s constituents. The full committee members will meet and report to Amarildo “Lilu” Barbosa once every other month and participation to this meeting is restricted to the full committee members.

Members of the DACDI full committee are expected to serve on DACDI for three years unless their position at the school is for a shorter time (e.g., Masters students, postdoctoral research fellows).  They are also expected to serve on at least one of the working groups, in addition to actively participating in at least 5 of the six full committee meetings.

Current Members:

Senait Mulu – DACDI Chair
Lilu Barbosa, Chief Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Officer
Erin Driver-Linn – Dean for Education
Katie Hope – Executive Dean for Administration
Jane Kim – Dean for Academic Affairs
Tamarra James-Todd – Faculty Council Representative 
Farah Qureshi – Postdoctoral Association Representative 
Kerry Ivey – Research Scientist Association Council Representative 
Candice Carpenter -Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Fellow Representative
Himaja Naggireddy – Harvard Chan Student Association Representative
Penny Sun – Harvard Chan Student Association Representative
Jennifer L. Cruz – Student Representative
Seblewongel Yigletu – Student Representative
Irini Albanti – Exempt Staff Representative
Cheikh Camara – Exempt Staff Representative
Constantine Psimopoulos – Non-Exempt Staff Representative
Meredith Solomon – Countway Library Representative
Bryan Buckley, Alumni Association Representative
Kirthana Sharma, Alumni Association Representative

Ex-officio member

Betty Johnson: Assistant Dean of Faculty and Staff Diversity, Development and Leadership

Former Full Committee Members