Resources and support in a difficult moment

Dear Members of the Harvard Chan School Community,

This has been a deeply difficult time for many in our community.

Reverberations from the attack on Israel and the intensifying conflict in Gaza are heartbreaking, painful, and frightening. The war in Ukraine continues to cause immense suffering. And several regions of the world have been hit with catastrophic natural disasters in recent weeks, including Afghanistan, Libya, and Morocco, as well as parts of the United States. These are humanitarian tragedies, public health tragedies — and, for some in our community, profoundly personal tragedies as well. My heart goes out to everyone affected.

As we return to campus after the long weekend, I feel it’s appropriate to echo the final line of the message on the Middle East sent last night by Harvard leadership: At this moment of challenge, let us embody the care and compassion the world needs now. Care and compassion are woven deeply into the fabric of our Harvard Chan community. I know we will continue to support one another and extend empathy and grace to all who are hurting.

Please also know that resources are available for anyone who needs support. Counseling and Mental Health Services (CAHMS) (617-495-2042) and the University’s Employee Assistance Program (877-327-4278) are both open around the clock. The Harvard Chaplains are an excellent resource as well (617-879-8365).

As heavy as this moment feels, I hold fast to a vision of a more peaceful and a more just world. It is comforting to remember that each of us is working in our own way to build that world — one with health, dignity, and justice for every human being.

With care and compassion,


Jane J. Kim, SM ’01, PhD ’05
Interim Dean of the Faculty
Dean for Academic Affairs
K.T. Li Professor of Health Economics
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health