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Deadline to Register: Exec. Ed. Online: Implementing Health Care AI into Clinical Practice

August 2nd

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Equipping Clinicians to Implement Successful AI Solutions in Health Care 

As artificial intelligence and machine learning emerge as powerful tools to transform patient care, organizations seek professionals skilled in applying these technologies within clinical settings.

The successful implementation of AI solutions in clinical practice requires teams that are skilled in multiple disciplines, including data science, user-centered design, subject-matter expertise, change management, and more. However, the health care field currently lacks professionals who sit at the intersections among those disciplines. This executive education program equips clinicians and executives with the cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills needed to ensure AI solutions are implemented successfully in clinical practice.

Through case studies, small group discussions, and interactive sessions led by Harvard faculty, participants will gain hands-on experience in each step of the AI implementation process. Topics include understanding and defining the problem at hand, as well as tailoring potential solutions to address the problem and meet user needs. Participants will learn how to find relevant data, deploy effective feature engineering, select the appropriate evaluation metrics and model type, design an effective implementation, and develop an iterative mindset for solution building.

This program builds upon AI for Health care: Concepts and Applications. Both courses can be taken independently; however, to earn the Business Applications for AI in Health Care Certificate of Specialization, you must take two of three programs in our health care AI portfolio. Without a strong background in AI, it is recommended that you take AI for Health Care: Concepts and Applications before either Care or Implementing Health Care AI in Clinical Practice or Innovation with AI in Health Care as AI for Health Care: Concepts and Applications covers more foundational concepts upon which the other two programs build. 

Take the Next Step in Your Career Evolution with the
Business Applications for AI in Health Care Certificate of Specialization 

Implementing Health Care AI Into Clinical Practice contributes to the Business Applications for AI in Health Care Certificate of Specialization, designed for all health care stakeholders, from the doctor’s office to the business suite. To obtain your Certificate, choose two of three online programs created and taught by Harvard Faculty and pioneers of AI in health care to prepare you for the future of an ever-changing health care industry. 

For more information, visit our Business Applications for AI in Health Care Certificate of Specialization page.


Date: August 2nd
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