HORP is associated with several courses and degree programs at Harvard University. Through these offerings, HORP researchers have an opportunity to share their expertise in survey research and health politics with graduate students. Likewise, doctoral students from the Health Policy Ph.D. Program who study health policy and politics work with the HORP team and develop skills that will enable them to pursue successful careers.

Associated Degree Programs

Ph.D. Program in Health Policy at Harvard University

Master in Public Policy / Master in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Master of Science in Health Policy and Management at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Political Analysis and Strategy for U.S. Health Policy

SUP 575 – HPM 247
Harvard University
Professor: Robert J. Blendon

This course offers political and analytical insights into understanding U.S. health policy-making and into developing strategies that influence health policy outcomes. The course provides both the theoretical basis and strategic skills for influencing the health policy process within U.S. political institutions.

Current Ph.D. Students in Health Policy and Politics

Nia Johnson
Alee Lockman
Adrianna McIntyre
Caitlin McMurtry
Ari Ne’eman

Graduates of the Program
Sara Abiola
Colleen Barry
Sara Bleich
Michael Botta
Mollyann Brodie
John Connolly
Juliette Cubanski
Julie Donohue
Rachel Garfield
Mary Gorski-Findling
Ali Hamandi
Kristina Hanson Lowell
Joe Hero
Patricia Keenan
Minah Kim
Francesca Matthews Pillemer
Alecia McGregor
Felicia Mebane
Debra Joy Perez
Aaron Rabinowitz
Emma Sandoe
Loren Saulsberry
Kirstin Scott
Tara Sussman Oakman
Gillian SteelFisher
Kalahn Taylor-Clark
Beth Wikler