A series of nationwide polls conducted in partnership with POLITICO on current health and related domestic policy issues.  Telephone interviews conducted by SSRS, an independent research company.

September 2020

POLITICO-Harvard Poll: “Pandemic fallout, racial reckoning are deeply personal to 2020 voters”

Media Coverage:

POLITICO-Harvard poll: Pandemic fallout, racial reckoning are deeply personal to 2020 voters

POLITICO Newsletter:

“POLITICO-Harvard poll gauging their attitudes heading into the presidential election. While the economy is typically a top voter issue in presidential elections, it’s taken on new urgency with millions out of work because of the pandemic. The new poll shows that unlike some past elections, issues that are deeply personal to Americans’ everyday lives, rather than policy debates that can be more abstract, rank among the most important priorities that will influence voters.”

POLITICO: HEALTH CARE, “How abortion groups on both sides are mobilizing after RBG’s death”

May 2020

POLITICO-Harvard Poll: “Stark Partisan Divide on Reopening America

Report and topline
Poll: Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to say businesses should reopen soon.

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February 2020

POLITICO – Harvard Poll: Americans’ Domestic Priorities for President Trump and Congress in the Months Leading up to the 2020 Election

November 2019

POLITICO – Harvard poll: Americans’ Views on CBD Products &  Marijuana for Recreational Use

See the Forum on this topic here: Recreational Marijuana and CBD Public Attitudes, Science, and the Law

August 2019

POLITICO-Harvard poll: Americans worried about data hacks, want higher taxes on e-cigs

March 2019

The Public and High U.S. Health Care Costs

January 2019

Americans’ Health and Education Priorities for the New Congress in 2019

December 2018

Americans’ Priorities for the New Congress in 2019

October 2018

Voters and Health Care in the 2018 Congressional Election

July 2018

Americans’ Views on Policies to Address Prescription Drug Prices, the Opioid Crisis, and Other Current Domestic Issues

March 2018

Americans’ Views of President Trump’s Agenda on Health Care, Immigration, and Infrastructure

December 2017

The Public’s Priorities for Congress and President Trump in the Post-Thanksgiving Period

September 2017

The Public’s Views of Tax Reform and Other Domestic Issues

Americans’ Top Priorities for Congress Through the End of the Year

July 2017

The Public and the Critical Issues Before Congress in the Summer and Fall of 2017

April 2017

Americans’ Views on Domestic Policies in President Trump’s First 100 Days

January 2017

Americans’ Views on Domestic Priorities for President Trump’s First 100 Days

October 2016

The 2016 Election: Clinton vs. Trump Voters on American Health Care

September 2016

Americans’ Views on Current Trade and Health Policies