Public Response to H1N1

During the H1N1 pandemic of 2009 and 2010, the Harvard Opinion Research Program conducted 13 polls focused on the response of the American public, including one on the response of businesses.  The polls cover multiple aspects of the pandemic, including the public’s concern about the illness, their behavioral response including vaccine-specific actions, and their views of public health communications.  In parallel, the poll of businesses focuses on their concern about the illness’ impact on operations, their policy response, and their views of communication.

Polls were funded through cooperative agreements with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Public Health Information Coalition, the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, and the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials.

Links to the topline findings for each poll, as well as press releases and additional reports, where available, are provided below.

Public Views of H1N1 I- April 2009

Public Views of H1N1 II – May 2009

Public Views of H1N1 III – June 2009

Business Preparedness for H1N1 – July/August 2009

Public Views of H1N1 Vaccine – September 2009

Public Views of H1N1 Vaccine Shortage – October/November 2009

Travelers’ Health and Flu – November 2009

Public Views of H1N1 Vaccine Shortage – Follow-up – December 2009

Parents’ Response to H1N1-Related School Closings – November/December 2009

Public Views of H1N1 Vaccine – Update – January 2010

Views of Pregnant Women and New Mothers on H1N1 – January/February 2010

A Multiethnic Perspective of H1N1 – March/April 2010

Employees’ Views of H1N1 – April/May 2010