The John B. Little Center for Radiation Sciences [JBLC] has been a pioneer in the field of radiation research since its establishment at the Harvard School of Public Health as a result of the philanthropy of Dr. Gerald Chan. The Center is named for John Bertram Little, M.D., James Stevens Simmons Emeritus Professor of Radiobiology, Dr. Chan’s mentor. He was the founder of the Radiation Biology Program at Harvard and the visionary leader for the Radiation Biology Training Grant which began in 1975 and continued for thirty-five years. An international figure in the field of radiobiology, Dr. Little, a Board Certified Radiologist, has served on the editorial boards of many scientific journals, been the recipient of multiple scientific awards and is widely respected and cited for his intellectual accomplishments [including as author or co-author of more than 525 scientific papers], mentoring skill and collegial leadership.

An additional gift from Mr. Zhengdong Zhu has placed the JBLC in an unprecedented position to spearhead the effort of developing unbiased and comprehensive scientific evidence necessary to understand the biological impact of ionizing radiation, explore the adaptive and maladaptive responses, and address the health outcomes and public concerns, while also supporting the development of evidence-based public health policy. This generous gift has enabled the JBLC to broaden its reach and scope, becoming a school wide center, involving multiple departments within the HSPH as well as other Harvard University schools and the many hospitals in the larger Harvard community. In addition, the JBLC is establishing additional international partnerships to build upon existing collaborative agreements such as the one it already has with the Hiroshima University. By providing the critical resources for research and training, the JBLC will function as an intellectual home for investigators interested in radiation research. It is our hope and conviction that the JBLC will lead a collective effort to strengthen radiation science in the United States and become a global center of excellence for radiation research.

Signing CeremonyHiroshima University Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine [RIRBM] Director, Toshiya Inaba with David Hunter, Vincent L. Gregory Professor in Cancer Prevention and Dean for Academic Affairs at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, celebrating the signing of an agreement for an academic and education exchange.


IMG_9895-X2Zhi-Min Yuan, Morningside Professor of Radiobiology explains the work of the John B. Little Center for Radiation Sciences, a major focus of the Harvard Chan School / Hiroshima University RIRBM collaboration.