Healthy Buildings on the Horizon



Joseph G. Allen is Director of the Healthy Buildings program and an Associate Professor at Harvard’s T. H. Chan School of Public Health. Before joining the faculty at Harvard, he spent several years in the private sector leading teams of scientists and engineers to investigate and resolve hundreds of indoor environmental quality issues, including “sick buildings,” cancer clusters, and biological/chemical hazards. His academic research focuses on the critical role the indoor built environment plays in our overall health. One of the world’s leading experts on healthy buildings, Dr. Allen is a regular keynote speaker and advises leading global companies. He is the c0-author of Healthy Buildings (Harvard University Press; 2020)


This scientist says cleaning indoor air could make us healthier—and smarter

Joseph Allen runs a major public health research project at Harvard University, probing how indoor air quality affects human health and cognition. He consults with companies on ventilation and air filtration, and during the pandemic he became a prominent voice on public health, writing dozens of op-eds criticizing early guidance from health authorities and debunking misconceptions about how the virus spreads.