Lab members


Lu, Quan

Quan Lu (PI)

Follow the link above to find Quan Lu’s faculty page.



Bo Lan (Research Fellow)

Research: Respiratory physiology; restoring lung health in patients with respiratory diseases; microRNA contribution to the development of respiratory disease like asthma.

Bo completed his PhD in Bioengineering at the University of British Columbia studying airway structure and function. He joined the T.H. Chan Harvard School of Public Health in 2015 as a Research Fellow to continue his scientific research in the field of respiratory physiology. Outside of work, he enjoys film photograph and a nice long walk with his dog.


Charlotte Wirth (Student)

Research: Microglia as moderators of Alzheimer’s Disease pathogenesis through extracellular vesicle cargo and their modulation via heavy metal exposure.

Charlotte completed her undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology from Ohio Northern University and joined the Lu Lab in 2018. When not in the lab, Charlotte makes quilts, knits, or plays board games with friends. She is an avid gardener and has an apartment filled to the brim with plants.


Hae Ryung (Research Fellow)




Beyene, JosephJoseph Beyene (Student)

Research: ARMMs biogenesis and trafficking.

Joe is from the Bay Area, and now he is finishing up his PhD. Outside of his research, he is interested in the intersection of biology and the community.


Panganiban, Ron

Ron Panganiban (Research Fellow)

Research: Mechanisms of asthma and environmental toxicants-induced cell death.

Ron is from the Philippines and has been with the Lu lab for several years. Outside of the lab, Ron enjoys movies, sports, travel, a really good IPA, and trying to learn to play the cello.

Sengjin Choi (Research Fellow) 

Research: Novel vaccination development using extracellular vesicles. Study of ARMMs as a delivery system with biological function

Outside of the lab, Sengjin enjoys playing soccer.



Zhiping Yang (Research Scientist) 

Research: Role of pulmonary immune responses to inhaled pathogens and air pollutants; exploring the aspects of lung macrophages as an immunotherapeutic target to enhance lung host immune defense against acute lung infection.