Megan Murray

Professor in the Department of Epidemiology

Department of Epidemiology

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Boston, Massachusetts 02115
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Other Affiliations

* Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine * Department of Medicine * Harvard Medical School * Associate member – Broad Institute *


  1. Host and bacterial determinants of tuberculosis phenotypes

We study host and bacterial factors associated with TB transmission, TB disease progression and treatment outcomes. Much of this work is done in the context of longitudinal cohort studies of TB patients and their household contacts that we have conducted in Lima, Peru in collaboration with the non-governmental organization, Socios en Salud. In an ongoing study, we are conducting a genome wide association study of

On the host side, some highlights of these studies have shown the following:

  1. Vitamin A deficiency is a strong risk factor for TB disease progression.
  2. Isoniazid preventive therapy is equally effective in preventing TB in children exposed to MDR compared to drug sensitive strains of TB.
  3. Vitamin D deficiency has a modest impact on increasing the risk of TB progression.
  4. Host genetic factors and native Peruvian ancestry are associated with the risk of TB progression.
  5. A cluster of CD4+TH17-like cells (labelled C12), defined by unbiased multimodal profiling of memory T cells, is significantly reduced in patients who have recovered from TB (progressors) compared to those who were infected but did not develop the disease.


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On the bacterial side, we have accrued at large archive of well-characterized MTB strains, both drug resistant and sensitive, many of which have quantitative drug resistance profiles (Mean inhibitory concentrations). WE have used these resources to:

  1. Identify and characterize novel resistance mutations
  2. Show that multi-drug resistant strains of TB are equally likely to be transmitted and cause disease as drug sensitive strains.
  3. Compare the transmissibility of different lineages of Mtb.
  4. Compare BCG efficacy against different lineages
  5. Conduct genomic epidemiologic studies to track infection transmission routes
  6. Study differentially detectable strains of Mtb and the role of carbon sources in growth and drug resistance phenotypes of Mtb.


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  1. Tuberculosis diagnostic tools

We work with a range of partners to identify ways to improve the diagnosis of drug resistant and pediatric TB. This work includes assessment of nucleic acid based and other biomarker-based tools to differentiate TB disease from latent TB.


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  1. Operational research on improving TB care

We collaborate with teams in India and Indonesia on projects designed to identify obstacles to optimal detection and treatment of drug sensitive and resistant TB. These efforts involve optimizing TB reporting and treatment by private providers, assessing spatially targeted active case finding and assessing the causes of TB treatment default.


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  1. Other emerging/re-emerging infectious diseases

Our team also studies the prevalence and consequences of Covid-19, especially in low and middle income countries and we collaborate with a consortium of researchers in countries in which the non-governmental organization, Partners in Health, works. We have also worked with field based partners on a range of infectious diseases including Ebola, HIV, and Yaws.


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  1. Health system strengthening

We work to evaluate projects designed to improve health systems in LMICs including in Rwanda and Madagascar. For this work, we focus on developing observational methods to assess complex district level interventions.


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  1. Research Equity


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MD, 1990, Harvard Medical School
MPH, 1996, Harvard School of Public Health
DPH, 2001, Harvard School of Public Health