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Banner Image of Longwood Medical Area Buildings In your first year at Harvard, you may want to start thinking about your future at Harvard and identify opportunities that will continue to keep you moving forward in your career here. Harvard provides numerous opportunities for professional development and growth. The performance management process is also a great time to determine your strengths and areas for development. Please read through the resources below to help you be successful at Harvard University.

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Harvard Longwood Campus (HLC) Training and Development Opportunities

The opportunity to learn is an essential part of having a positive employee experience. Harvard has a wealth of resources to support your career and professional growth. The range of programs includes skill building courses in writing, computing, financial Teacher with Students raising their hands in classmanagement, research administration, social media, and human resource systems. There are also workshops that focus on personal / team productivity and interpersonal communication. Managers have opportunities to attend a variety of open-enrollment classes as well as apply for leadership development programs. In addition, there are seminars and tools to help you manage your career and create a development plan.

More information on the training and wellness options available.

Center for Workplace Development (CWD)

Online tools and in-class learning options make CWD a great place to access resources for taking ownership of your career development. Managers can access tools to support staff development. More information on the CWD website.

Harvard ManageMentor

Developed by Harvard Business Publishing, Harvard ManageMentor is an online learning and collaboration resource for solving everyday business challenges. From creating a budget to making meetings more effective or techniques for motivating and leading others, Harvard ManageMentor offers best practices from world-class business experts on a wide spectrum of management topics.

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LinkedIn Learning at Harvard University

LinkedIn Learning is an online video training library that is an excellent resource offering over 2,000 self-paced training classes on a wide range of computer skills for beginning, intermediate, and advanced users. More information on LinkedIn Learning can be found on their website.

Harvard T.H. Chan School Financial and Administrative training Summary

Looking for a list of available training for staff with financial and administrative responsibilities. More information on the training available that the School and Harvard have to offer!

Harvard’s Tuition Assistance Plan

Harvard’s Tuition Assistance Plan (TAP) makes it possible for you to take courses at Harvard and job-related courses at other institutions (HUCTW members may use TAP for some non-job-related courses at other institutions).

Open TextbookTAP is open to staff, faculty, part-time employees and retirees. Eligibility depends on your employee classification and hours worked.

You may take individual classes or pursue a degree or certificate through eligible programs at the Harvard Extension School, the Graduate School of Education and other participating Harvard schools.

Before enrolling, it is important to review the information below. It’s also helpful to talk to the school you will be attending ahead of time. If you have further questions, contact Benefits at (617) 496-4001.

More information on the TAP website.

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Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI)

The ODI mission is to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion within the Harvard Chan community and beyond.  Resources, education, programming and training opportunities are available.  Check the ODI website for more information or to get involved.

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Performance Management

A common Harvard-wide system for performance management– “ePerformance”– went live back in September 2013, with roll-out to all schools and departments.

Common Competencies

A common language for describing performance across the University is an important part of ePerformance. Competencies–the capabilities needed to perform jobs or roles–are a key part of performance management here. The University has identified two “core” competencies that are critical for all staff members:

  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Embrace change

For managers, there are two additional competencies:

  • Resource allocation
  • Building a high-performance team

Our School has identified other competencies as well. Employees and managers may also add competencies during the performance review process, chosen from the standard competency dictionary, as necessary for specific jobs or roles.

Standard Ratings

Standard ratings are another key part of this new common language for describing employee performance. The University is not changing the high standards that are already held for all employees–just agreeing on a common system for communicating these standards across Harvard. In addition to a 5-point scale rating overall performance, there is a 4-point scale to assess progress toward achieving competencies and goals.

Overall Performance For Competencies
For Goals 
4 – Strong performance
3 – Solid performance
2 – Building performance
1 – Not meeting expectations
4 – Advanced
3 – Proficient
2 – Developing
1 – Does not demonstrate
Partially met
Not met

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Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s “Current Staff” Portal

Ladder going into sky This portal is designed for existing staff members who are looking to move to the next step in their career within Harvard.  Here you will find resources for career coaching, tips for resume writing and interviewing. You can also find real success stories of some of our staff here at the School via the portal.



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