Commencement 2014: Award winners

Student Recognition Award winners Jason Andrew Park and Pamela Chu-Tso Hung
Student Recognition Award winners Jason Andrew Park and Pamela Chu-Tso Hung

May 28, 2014 — Each year, several awards are presented to graduating students, faculty, and staff at the Harvard School of Public Health.

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Albert Schweitzer Award
Rebecca Jadine Kruisselbrink, Master of Public Health

Dr. Fang-Ching Sun Memorial Awards
Lily Alexandra Gutnik, Master of Public Health
Rebecca Liana Hope, Master of Public Health

Edgar Haber Award in Biological Sciences
Ediz Suha Calay, Doctor of Philosophy

Gareth M. Green Award for Excellence in Public Health
Vanessa Elena Cobian, Master of Public Health
Ashlin Ellen Mountjoy, Master of Public Health
Sarah S. Nouri, Master of Public Health
Flora Idalma Nunez, Master of Public Health

James H. Ware Award for Achievement in the Practice of Public Health
Courtney Michele Cox, Master of Science
Kelsey Megan Gleason, Master of Science
Julia Hellman, Master of Public Health
Jami King, Master of Science candidate
Jean Raphael Nepomuceno, Master of Public Health
Corey Michael Peak, Master of Science
Phillip Jared Summers, Master of Public Health
Rachel Whelan, Master of Science

Robert B. Reed Prize for Excellence in Biostatistical Science
Sixing Chen, Doctor of Philosophy candidate

Student Recognition Awards
Pamela Chu-Tso Hung, Master of Science
Jason Andrew Park, Master of Science

Teaching Assistant Awards
Courtney Michele Cox, Master of Science
Allegra Raboff Gordon, Doctor of Science candidate
Heather Mattie, Doctor of Philosophy candidate

Uwe Brinkmann Memorial Travel Award
Julia R. Goldberg, Doctor of Science candidate


Roger L. Nichols Excellence in Teaching Award
Brent Coull, Professor of Biostatistics

Teaching Citations
Thomas J. Bossert, Senior Lecturer on Global Health Policy
Nancy Krieger, Professor of Social Epidemiology
Joseph Rhatigan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Global Health and Population
Sara Singer, Associate Professor of Health Care Management and Policy

Mentoring Awards
Edward Giovannucci, Professor of Nutrition and Epidemiology
Benjamin Sommers, Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Economics


Staff Recognition Awards
Yuet Kei Chou, Harvard Dining Services
Meghan Gerrity, Program Coordinator, Office for Student Affairs

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