HSPH awarded $8 million from EPA for air pollution research

The Harvard School of Public Health was awarded an $8 million grant by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to launch one of four new university-based Clean Air Research Centers. Aiming to advance understanding of the effects of exposure to particulate matter, ozone, and other hazards on health, these centers will serve as resources to policy makers. The Harvard Clean Air Research Center will focus on investigating the effects of pollution exposure across life stages on heart and lung function, inflammation, birth weight and growth, and cardiovascular disease-related deaths and hospitalizations. Additionally, the Center will work to identify factors that modify these effects.

Director of the Center is HSPH Professor of Environmental Sciences Petros Koutrakis. Co-director is John Godleski. Co-principal investigators include Brent Coull, Francesca Dominici, Diane Gold, Murray Mittleman, and Joel Schwartz.

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